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Equipment and Lab Facilities

Equipment and Lab Facilities

Students at NSIRC conduct their research using some of the world's most advanced analysis and testing technologies. NSIRC houses £20 million of state-of-the-art equipment, acquired using investment from BIS and HEFCE.

This equipment ensures that NSIRC has world-leading capabilities, is best placed to meet its research commitments, and is able to address the research topics specified by the industrial partners. It includes:

  • Metallic and polymeric materials analysis and characterisation equipment.
  • Advanced testing equipment to measure fracture, fatigue, creep and corrosion performance.
  • High pressure testing equipment for large scale tests in pipes and vessels.
  • Equipment for testing in H 2 S, CO 2 and other aggressive environments.
  • Re-configurable, large scale facilities for specialised component / structure testing.
  • Systems and software for process simulation, modelling of structural performance and lifetime prediction.
  • Residual stress measurement equipment.
  • A range of NDT equipment for defect detection and procedure development.
  • Remote and intelligent sensors and data analysis tools for condition monitoring applications.
  • Selected welding / coating and thermal cycle simulation equipment for characterisation, development and proving of high integrity processes.
  • Specific / bespoke equipment to address defined areas of research focus of the NSIRC founder sponsors.
  • Dimensional measurement equipment.
  • Equipment for test piece preparation (cutting, welding, machining etc.)


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