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Why choose NSIRC?

Why choose NSIRC?

NSIRC is the UK's first industry-led postgraduate research centre for structural integrity, and offers a unique university-awarded degree that you cannot attain from a university alone. At NSIRC you will conduct research determined by the real-world needs of industry, in an industry environment, while receiving academic supervision from your affiliated university.

If you are a UK or EU student, NSIRC offers a scholarship to cover your tuition fees, for research and a competitive enhanced stipend for three years. Partial scholarships are also provided for international students, providing funding of up to £24,000 per annum.   

If you are an aspiring engineer or scientist aiming for employment in the power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, nuclear or transport sectors and want to gain real industry experience throughout your studies, a degree from NSIRC will set you apart and help you realise your ambition. 

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