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Postgraduate courses unveiled at NSIRC

The National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) has unveiled two new postgraduate courses in structural integrity. NSIRC is the world’s first educational establishment offering industry-driven postgraduate degree programmes in structural integrity and will operate in a state-of-the-art engineering facility established and managed by TWI in collaboration with lead academic partner Brunel University London, the universities of Cambridge and Manchester, University College London (UCL) and a number of leading industrial partners.

NSIRC aims to become the research provider of choice for industry in the field of structural integrity by developing a critical mass of research informed by the needs of industry, and to accelerate the translation of the underlying science into commercially relevant products and services. The two new courses, an MSc and a PhD in Structural Integrity, are focused on providing world class engineers and scientists in structural integrity.

The MSc in Structural Integrity, jointly developed by Brunel University London and TWI, focuses on the knowledge and skills most relevant to developing a career in technical and engineering roles where understanding and achieving structural integrity is a key component. The course will bring together and instil relevant knowledge from the fields of materials evaluation, structural assessment, non-destructive testing (NDT) and failure investigation.

The PhD programme in Structural Integrity will involve in-depth exploration of a research topic within the field. PhDs will be awarded by Brunel University London to students who demonstrate knowledge and understanding of structural integrity and who make a distinct and original contribution to the discipline.  The joint PhD programme will combine the application of academic excellence and rigour with a thorough understanding of industrial drivers and context based on the involvement and guidance of the industrial partners including TWI.

The programmes will advance the skills and contribution of engineers involved in structural integrity by equipping them with enhanced knowledge and experience. The courses will produce a stream of industry-ready, world class engineers in structural integrity disciplines including fail-safe design, corrosion control, structural health monitoring and ageing asset management.

NSIRC will deliver focused fundamental research projects directly linked to solving industrially relevant problems, and the support necessary for further development and industrial implementation. The initiative will be supported by a total investment of £150m in facilities, equipment and project work over 10 years with the aim of delivering 530 postgraduate qualified students over that period of time.

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