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Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak becomes the first student to graduate from NSIRC's PhD program

Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak becomes the first student to graduate from NSIRC’s PhD program

 On the 23rd July at Brunel University London, Anna Wojdyla-Cieslak will receive her PhD in Structural Integrity, and in doing so, she will become NSIRC’s first PhD graduate.

Anna’s research focused on new coatings and surface treatments, aiming to help increase fuel efficiency in large structures and machines, such as wind turbines, ships and aircraft, where ice build-up or marine organisms can cause negative effects.

“I wanted to follow a postgraduate programme that would help me to stand out from others, to do something different, and studying in an industry environment doing real project work does exactly this", explains Anna.

“The research environment can differ greatly between academia and industry. The opportunity to do an industrial PhD gives the taste of both, and that’s why a PhD at NSIRC was the ideal opportunity.”

“To potential PhD students, I would say that this is an amazing opportunity for them to carry out academic research that is driven by industrial need. Moreover, I would tell them that doing PhD in NSIRC is the best way to get practical experience in the area of their research. It is always nice to observe that part of your research which becomes a solution in real world.”

Anna’s course leader, Professor Tat-Hean Gan: “We are very pleased to see Anna graduate. Throughout her course, the quality of her research remained consistently high and she has a bright future ahead.”

NSIRC offers a PhD that involves an in-depth exploration of a research topic within the field of structural integrity.

Awarded by an affiliated university, the likes of which include Brunel University London, the University of Cambridge, and 19 others across the UK, Europe and Asia, potential students must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of structural integrity, and make a distinct and original contribution to knowledge within the discipline.

The PhD programme combines academic excellence with the industrial experience of TWI, across the varied disciplines that are essential to structural integrity.

To find out more, please visit the Degrees Page, of the website.