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Dave Holmes to make keynote presentation at the NSIRC 2019 Annual Conference

Dave Holmes to make keynote speech at the NSIRC 2019 Annual Conference


Dave Holmes, Manufacturing Director – Air, BAE Systems, will be joining Alasdair Coates (Engineering Council CEO) and Elizabeth Donnelly (Women's Engineering Society CEO) in making a keynote presentation at the NSIRC 2019 Annual Conference.

Dave started his career with British Aerospace in 1984 as an Apprentice and has been with the Company for over 30 years, undertaking a variety of roles across a number of sites in the United Kingdom (UK) and working with international partners, suppliers and customers across the globe. 

As Manufacturing Director – Air, Dave has functional responsibility for all the manufacturing activities within the air sector spanning people, process, systems, governance and physical activities as well as operational responsibility for the manufacture of the Hawk and Typhoon products.  

Dave is also responsible for the facilities and infrastructure services for all the Air Sector locations within the UK operations as well as providing governance to the overseas facilities. Dave leads the SHE activities for Air ensuring that exemplar standards are attained through effective Policy deployment, People development and Governance.

Working with Lockheed Martin, Dave played a key role in supporting the down select of F35 for the partners and the subsequent development and implementation of  UK  Air’s Manufacturing Operations strategy.

In conjunction with academic institutes and Government bodies, Dave continues to lead the businesses undertaking in transitioning Air Sector technology and people in the Manufacturing business for the next generation of BAE Systems air vehicles and services, with specific focus on future Combat Air Systems and the application of disruptive technologies and cultures.

The National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) 2019 Annual Conference will be taking place on the 2-3 July at the Granta Centre, TWI Ltd, Cambridge.

Now in its fifth year, the NSIRC Annual Conference presents industry-lead engineering research being produced by NSIRC PhD students.

For the 2019 Annual Conference, over 60 students will be presenting their PhD research, with topics varying from advanced materials / coatings, novel joining methods, innovative monitoring technologies, data analytics, robotics, advancing non-destructive testing (NDT) methods and many more.

Attendees at the 2019 Annual Conference will consist of TWI industrial partners and members such as BP and Lloyd’s Register Foundation, alongside representatives from our academic partners, which include the UK’s top universities.

Follow this link to Register your attendance.


BAE's Dave Holmes explains how TWI's capabilities and technological understanding aligns with BAE's work on a global level.