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Workshop: Learn to Search for Better Information

Event: Learn to Search for Better Information


  • Wed 19 Sep, 11-12noon, 2F3

On Wednesday 19 September, TWI Information Scientist’s Sue Wellings and Alison Chew, will be hosting their popular workshop, teaching participants to use academic and more general search engines by reducing search results to a more accurate and appropriate selection.

“Learn to search like a ninja, finding information quickly, assessing it, and then converting it into knowledge!” – Sue & Alison

Why attend?

  • Find relevant information efficiently
  • Reduce information overload
  • Learn how to tame Google with a few simple tricks

Topics covered:

  • Constructing search strings
  • Advanced search techniques
  • The CRAAP test
  • Assessing quality of information found

Should you wish to attend this insightful and practical workshop, please email sue.wellings@twi.co.uk or alison.chew@twi.co.uk to confirm your attendance.

Alternatively, visit the library and speak to Sue and Alison in-person (They are at the back, behind the plants)

If you would like to attend but cannot make the session, please get in touch with Sue &/or Alison to arrange another. If there is enough interest, the library can also run a separate webinar.