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First MPhil Student Graduates from NSIRC

First MPhil Student Graduates from NSIRC

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Berta Navarro, NSIRC MPhil student

Spanish composite materials specialist Berta Navarro has become the first MPhil student to graduate from NSIRC (the National Structural Integrity Research Centre).

Berta’s research was focused on plasma treatment for adhesive bonding of aerospace composite components. She was supervised in her studies by TWI alongside Brunel University London.

Berta enjoyed a series of successes during her research – she achieved the highest score within the college at her partner university’s 2015 Research Student Conference and earned second place in the poster competition at this year’s NSIRC Annual Conference.

She says: ‘Attending the conferences gave me the opportunity to promote my research to a pool of experts I would usually have never had the chance to meet. It also allowed me to increase my confidence in my research work’.

‘I was impressed with the facilities at TWI, and by how it allowed me to conduct my experiments in the way I wanted, which was imperative to the success of my studies. I would also like to thank both my industrial and my academic supervisor for their continual guidance and support.’

Berta will shortly be moving back to Spain, applying the knowledge she gained at NSIRC to a position in the aerospace industry.

NSIRC would like to congratulate Berta on her hard work and many achievements. We wish her all the best in her future career.

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