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NSIRC PhD student Kostas Georgilas to start as Project Leader at TWI

NSIRC PhD student Kostas Georgilas to start as Project Leader at TWI

Peggy Jones, NSIRC Operations Assistant

In October, NSIRC PhD and University of Aberdeen student Kostas Georgilas is due to begin work as a project leader with the Thermal Processing Technologies (TPT) section, led by Nick Ludford, at TWI.

Kostas’ PhD thesis, which will be completed by November, is titled ‘Multiscale Experimental and Computational Techniques for Optimising Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing Process Parameters’, and is sponsored by Lloyd’s Register Foundation. His academic supervisor in Aberdeen is Dr Mehmet Kartal, and Dr Raja Khan from TWI, is his industry supervisor.

'A unique blend of industrial and academic environments'

“Beginning my career at TWI is a great opportunity to utilise and expand the knowledge I have developed during my PhD at NSIRC” said Kostas.

Since beginning his PhD, Kostas has helped to establish the Powder Characterisation Laboratory at TWI Cambridge, where effect of metal powder properties on laser interaction, thermal characteristics and packing behaviour in powder beds are determined.

His work within TPT will further utilise the lab environment he has worked to develop.

After completing his MEng in Chemical Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, Kostas gained an MSc in Material Science from the University of Nottingham. He has also completed an internship at Bristol Robotics Laboratory in material modelling.

Kostas looks forward to bringing the additive manufacturing (AM) expertise he has acquired during his PhD to the field of post thermal processing of AM parts.

He eagerly anticipates the chance to become more familiar with the brazing, diffusion bonding and heat treatment work that he will be a part of within the TPT section.

The unique blend of industrial and academic environments that NSIRC students enjoy was praised by Kostas.

He felt that the range of students he came into contact with at NSIRC are diverse in engineering backgrounds, unlike conventional academia, where students are more likely to be separated by field between departments.

This will ensure a smooth transition into his career in industry, as he is already equipped with the communication and liaison skills which are needed when working across disciplines and managing client expectations.

For more information, or to speak to Kostas about his research, please contact enquiries@nsirc.co.uk.


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Kostas Georgilas presented at the NSIRC 2019 Annual Conference. Photograph: TWI Ltd
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21-Kostas Georgilas-Travel Award.jpg
Kostas Georgilas (left) awarded an Armourers and Brasiers' Travel Grants by The Welding Institute. Photograph: The Welding Institute