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Latest NSIRC Lecture focuses on the Industrial Application of Solidification in Additive Manufacturing

Latest NSIRC Lecture focuses on the Industrial Application of Solidification in Additive Manufacturing

NSIRC Lectures aim to give students high quality insight, directly from experts at the heart of engineering development. Thanks to the organisation’s integral partnerships with industry and academia, it is able to provide up-to-the-minute insightful presentations, into engineering innovation and the latest thinking, from industry and academic personnel, connected with top companies and highly regarded universities.

This week’s NSIRC Lectures were presented by Professor Hongbiao Dong, Professor of Materials Engineering and Chair of Royal Academy of Engineering and Dr Adrian Addison, Team Manager of Arc Processes, Fabrication and Welding Engineering at TWI.

Professor Dong gave a lecture on the fundament principles of solidification. The lecture was aimed to be a foundation course for all researchers working on liquid solid transformation.
During his lecture, Professor Dong included some of the early breakthroughs in solidification and its industrial application, also including the modelling of solidification.

‘By using dynamic adaptive meshing (DAM) algorithm, DAM allowed a great increase in computational efficiency, making possible simulations of microstructures that are accurately resolved down to tens of nanometers at the solid-liquid interface. Therefore DAM can simulate large-scale solidification microstructures in parameter regimes previously inaccessible through conventional fixed-grid techniques, enabling a complete description of solidification.’

Dr Adrian Addison gave a lecture on Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (AM).

TWI defines AM as the industrial application of 3D printing, the layer-by-layer construction of a part from a 3D model created using computer-aided design software. Assisted by Dr Addison, TWI specialises in metal AM, working with a diverse range of metals in both wire and powder form, fusing them together using lasers, electron beams and electric arcs.

AM incorporates the application of solidification, and Dr Addison’s workshop was aimed at providing the researchers with the fundamental knowledge for applications of AM to enable advancement of the technology.