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Meet the NSIRC PhD students who arrived this summer

Meet the NSIRC PhD students who arrived this summer


Students can begin their NSIRC PhD courses throughout the year and several have joined the organisation over the summer.

Their range of topics are testament to the breath of research taking place within NSIRC’s world class facilities, and their background reflects the international appeal and requirement for such academic training.

With this in mind, let us meet them:

  • Pedro Santos
    Coventry University
    Pedro received his education in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology at the New University of Lisbon (Portugal) as part of an Integrated MSc program. During his studies, he received an award for outstanding technical paper at the 9th International Conference on Axiomatic Design. For his MSc thesis, he performed an industrial placement at TWI on the development of FSW to produce TWB for lightweight transport application. His PhD is funded by a CRP (core research program) at TWI that focuses on the development of the Refill friction stir spot welding (RFSSW) technology to join aluminium to high strength steels for transport industries as well as design and develop novel process variants.

  • Hadi Khalili
    University of Strathclyde
    Hadi received his education in Civil Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology in Iran (BSc) followed by his MSc in offshore structural engineering in Tarbiat Modares University in Iran. His PhD is sponsored by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and focuses on the improvement the reliability assessment of offshore structures using Bayesian updating to incorporate new fatigue information.

  • Konstantinos Kouzoumis
    University of Bristol
    Konstantinos is a graduate of the Department of Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). After finishing his studies with two pending publications on Microstructural Corrosion issues, he is now getting involved in the research of issues concerning the safety assessment of metallic components. His project is a TWI core project, thus funded by NSIRC, and majorly revolves around the compatibility between currently used standards in assessing the integrity of components with complex load history under multi-axial loading.

  • Madie Allen
    Brunel University London
    Madie completed an integrated masters in mathematics (MMath) at Durham University, graduating summer 2017. Following her summer 2016 placement with TWI in NMO, she is completing her PhD under the supervision of Brunel University London, focusing on the prediction of material properties in SLM parts.

  • Ching Sheng Ooi
    University Technology Malaysia
    Ching Sheng received his bachelor's degree from Sheffield Hallam University and Master degree from Coventry University where he was also rewarded the Control Theory and Applications Centre (CTAC) Prize. With great interest in signal processing, he is currently enrolled as postgraduate student at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. At TWI, he is working on the development of underground storage tank condition monitoring prototype to observe degradation process of the tank and avoid leakage using non-destructive testing techniques.

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Clockwise from top left: Ching Sheng Ooi, Madie Allen, Konstantinos Kouzoumis, Pedro Santos, Hadi Khalili