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Natalia Garbán joins TWI as a Project Leader

Former NSIRC student Natalia Garbán joins TWI as a Project Leader

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Natalia Garbán, Project Leader for TWI Ltd


After completing her MSc in Structural Integrity with NSIRC and Brunel University London, graduate Natalia Garbán, has joined TWI as a Project Leader for the Condition and Structural Health Monitoring Section (CSM), with the Integrity Management Group.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Natalia Garbán Arispe graduated in Materials Engineering from Universidad Simón Bolívar (or Simon Bolivar University), Venezuela, in 2013. She worked in planning and maintenance until 2016, when she received a scholarship from Brunel University London and NSIRC to pursue her MSc degree in Structural at the TWI Ltd. facilities in Cambridge, UK. For her Master's dissertation she studied how fracture toughness is affected by the weld width and strength overmatch ratio on testing of single-edge notched bending specimens, by developing several finite elements models. The results of this project are being considered to be presented in a ASME conference in 2018.

“While I was studying my undergraduate, the Structural Integrity field had gotten my attention,” explains Natalia. “When I decided to do a Master degree, I was looking for a course that gave me technical knowledge but also its applicability to the problems faced in the real work environment. Then I found this MSc, which is a comprehensive course and industrially-led program that would allow me to be close to the real problems the engineering industry faces, added to the scholarship Brunel was offering, I thought it was a good opportunity.”

“I felt pleased and thankful that this opportunity was offered to me, as I had been studying at TWI facilities for the past year and knew the environment and quality of the work they perform is exceptional. I consider that I can gain a big improvement on my knowledge by working here and learn a lot by joining CSM. I also felt happy with myself as my effort during my MSc was being taken into account, as I also enjoyed working during my dissertation with AFM team.”

Providing a direct path from academia to industry is one of the key attributes that NISRC seeks to provide. Through the structure of the postgraduate courses on offer, the organisation is able to create an environment that provides important academic learning and teaching, was well a crucial training for industry, whilst students on live projects and within their chosen fields.

To find out more about the courses on offer at NSIRC and the important teaching that each one provides, visit www.nsirc.com/degrees.