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New MSc course arrives at NSIRC: Engineering Leadership and Management

New MSc course arrives at NSIRC: Engineering Leadership and Management

From October 2017, NSIRC will be offering a new MSc in Engineering Leadership and Management, with each module being taught over three weekends, meaning a total of 12 study weekends per year (Saturday and Sunday).

The programme will aim to help emerging engineering leaders to build on their previous specialist skills, experiences and training, to acquire those management and leadership skills needed to meet career and their company goals.

To this end the programme will be, in part, demand-led, by working with a number of first adopter/trailblazer firms on their specific content needs, in the form of optional modules or modules the student may wish to deliver themselves.

The first year will provide the core modules, year two provides four of several options available (these range from modules in Commercial Engineering to Human Recourses Management, and more besides), and will be led by employers. Lastly the final year is based around a major project, again employer based.

Dr Trevor Oliver, Deputy Executive Dean and Chair of APEC Management Board – ‘Designed in close partnership with industrial organisations, our programme helps employees to develop their roles within industry.’

Run in collaboration with Aston University, this course is for anyone looking to set out upon a career in Engineering/Management. Here are comments from Aston University Alumni, explaining how this course will help you:

‘Sounds like a good way to bridge the gap between engineering and business qualifications.’

‘My experience so far has shown that leadership is a rare quality in the [Engineering] industry. I strongly believe that it is a quality that an individual either has it or not, but techniques and best practices could be learned in a University programme. Honestly, the programme seems very interesting.’

For more information about this course, please email enquiries@nsirc.co.uk.