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NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference Award Winners

NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference Award Winners


The NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference was held over two days at TWI’s state-of-the-art engineering facility on Granta Park in Cambridge.

For 2018, over 50 students took part in a two day programme of presentations and events, with a total of ten prizes to be won - four for oral presentations, two for research poster presentations, and for the first time, four TWI Industrial Impact Awards.

Students presenting at the conference included first year PhD students, who presented research posters to industry experts and their peers, while second and third year PhD students gave 20 & 25 minutes oral presentations, summarising their research topic, reviewing their initial and current research, and discussing plans for future study and work.

Introduced for 2018, the TWI Industrial Impact Award recognises research that makes a significant contribution or takes an innovative approach to solve an industrial problem. For this award, students submitted their applications prior to the 2018 Conference.

NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference - Award Winners

3rd Year Oral Presentation, presented by Ruth Boumphrey, Director of Research at Lloyd’s Register Foundation

  • 1st Prize: Marco Zennaro – (Presentation Title) ‘Characterisation of Thickness-Shear Transducers for Guided Waves Applications’
  • 2nd Prize: Lisa Blanchard – ‘Environmental Testing of Wrought & Hot Isostatically Pressed Duplex Stainless Steels’

2nd Year Oral Presentation, presented by Roberto Morana, Senior Materials & Welding Engineer at BP

  • 1st Prize: Athanasios Pouchais – ‘Online Resin Flow Monitoring System Development for Resin Transfer Moulding Process’
  • 2nd Prize: Ewan Hoyle – ‘Advanced Virtual Source Aperture Ultrasonic Imaging for Non Destructive Testing’

Research Poster Presentation, presented by Professor Tat-Hean Gan, NSIRC Director of Technology

  • 1st Prize: Konstantinos Kouzoumis
  • 2nd Prize: Rosa Griñón

TWI Industrial Impact Awards, presented by Paul Woollin, TWI Ltd Research Director

  • 1st  Prize: Imanol Martinez
  • Runners-Up: Mahesh Dissanayake, Cui Er Seow & Somsubhro Chaudhuri.

Congratulations to all awards winner and everyone who participated in the NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference.


[ Zoom ]
From Left: Paul Woollin, TWI Director of Research, Industrial Impact Award winners Cui Er Seow, Mahesh Dissanayake & Somsubhro Chaudhuri
[ Zoom ]
From Left: Roberto Morana of BP, NSIRC student Athanasios Pouchias & his Industry Supervisor Jasmin Stein