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NSIRC hosts its largest conference of industry-led PhD & MSc research

NSIRC hosts its largest conference of industry-led PhD & MSc research


Over 180 delegates, including representatives from companies such as BAE Systems, Boeing and BP, attended NSIRC’s largest conference to date on 2 & 3 July. Also in attendance were NSIRC’s academic partners, which included some of the UK’s top universities, along with researchers from TWI Ltd and fellow students.

The conference saw over 60 NSIRC PhD students and 15 MSc students present their engineering research, with topics including advanced materials/coatings, novel joining methods, innovative monitoring technologies, data analytics, robotics, advancing non-destructive testing (NDT) methods and many more.

NSIRC director, Tat-Hean Gan, said he was “proud of how the conference has grown over the past 7 years, with more cultures and ethnicities being represented”. In an industry dominated by men, NSIRC can proudly say that 30% of the students are female, which is higher than the national average for STEM-related industries. Tat-Hean also expressed how the work of the NSIRC students “helps shed light on the state of the industry and how the next generation can apply their skills in the workplace”.

The conference attracted a number of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals, including the three keynote speakers; Elizabeth Donnelly, CEO of the Women’s Engineering Society, David Holmes, Manufacturing Director in BAE Systems Air Sector, and Alasdair Coates, CEO of the Engineering Council.

Alasdair, who covered topics such as advanced materials and coatings, novel joining methods and innovative monitoring technologies, noted that the conference is “an excellent opportunity to hear about different innovations and new concepts”. He added that the conference “chimes well with the Engineering Council’s desire to promote and enhance the engineering competence within an environment of innovation and ethics”. As well as giving presentations, the delegates and speakers offered professional advice to the students.

A series of awards were given following the conference:

Best MSc poster presentation 

  • Winner: Marcelo Guirro
  • Runner up: Rahma Said

Best PhD poster presentation 

  • Winner: Mason Rowthbottom
  • Runner up: Amna Asad

Best 2nd year oral presentation

  • Winner: Madie Allen
  • Runner up: Pedro Santos

Best 3rd year oral presentation

  • Winner: Alexandre Sabard
  • Runner up: Cui Er Seow

Industrial impact award 

  • Winner: Dibakor Boruah
  • Runner up: Angelo La Rosa
  • Runner up: Gowtham Soundarapandian
  • Runner up: Andrew Sandeman

NSIRC would like to express our gratitude to all who attended this year’s conference, and congratulations to the award winners!


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PhD student Dibakor Boruah was the 2019 winner of the TWI industrial impact award
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Madie Allen
Madie Allen was the winner of the best 2nd year oral presentation. She was presented with the award by Engineering Council CEO Alasdair Coates