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NSIRC PhD Student Visits Fincantieri, Italy

NSIRC PhD Student Visits Fincantieri, Italy

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NSIRC PhD Student Visits Fincantieri, Italy

NSIRC (National Structural Integrity Research Centre) research student Peyman Amirafshari recently visited Europe’s largest shipbuilder, in Italy, to assist him in his PhD research.

Peyman is currently studying towards an industrially led PhD funded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) to develop a ‘risk-based inspection approach for determining non-destructive examination test locations of weld in engineered structure not subject to 100% inspection’.

Industrial mentor Martyn Wright (LRF) and industrial supervisor Ujjwal Bharadwaj (TWI) organised and funded Peyman’s visit to the Ancona, Italy, shipyard of Fincantieri, Europe’s largest shipbuilder. The visit provided Peyman with an opportunity to collaborate with industry experts, who contributed to his research by imparting their knowledge and experience. Peyman benefited from having technical discussion with surveyors, project managers and the shipyard quality control team. He was involved in audit inspection with surveyors, greatly aiding the development of risk-based inspection. The visit also included a tour of Fincantieri’s panel fabrication and assembly facility to observe the welding processes.

The onsite experience was invaluable for Peyman, allowing him to make contact with potential stakeholders and collaborators. He said: ‘This experience has greatly helped me to find more efficient ways of gathering the information I need to better approach the problems I face in my research. The visit has also given me even more confidence that my research has practical applications and will achieve good results with high relevance to industry.’

As well as receiving support from his industrial mentor, Martyn Wright, and industrial supervisor, Dr Ujjwal Bharadwaj, Peyman also benefits from the guidance of his academic supervisor, Strathclyde University’s Prof Nigel Barltrop.

NSIRC would like to thank LRF and Fincantieri for accommodating Peyman during his visit.

This is one of many examples of NSIRC’s research programme students benefiting from working with our industrial partners.

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