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NSIRC PhD Students Alessandro Sergi and Malallah Al Lawati attend EPMA HIP Seminar 2020

NSIRC PhD Students Alessandro Sergi and Malallah Al Lawati attend EPMA HIP Seminar 2020

Written by Tom Clover for TWI and NSIRC

NSIRC PhD students Alessandro Sergi and Malallah Al Lawati, have presented at ‘The Use of HIP to Improve Safety and Innovation Offshore,’ hosted by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EMPA) in Oslo, Norway.

Both are under the industrial supervision of Dr Raja Khan, TWI, and the academic supervision of Prof Moataz Attallah of the University of Birmingham, UK.

Academic excellence with industrial impact

Third year PhD student Alessandro presented on ‘Power Hot Isostatic Pressing of Nickel Base Metal Matrix Composites (Ni-MMCs) for High Wear Resistance Applications’. The presentation covered the microstructural evolution in Ni-MMCs and its effect on the wear properties.

Alessandro’s PhD topic was based on a call from industry to investigate the use of powder hot isostatic pressing for high temperature materials.  It is funded by European SUPREME project.

Malallah presented ‘Powder Hot Isostatic Pressing of Ti-Based Metal Matrix Composites (TMCs)’. The presentation was an in-depth microstructural analysis of TMCs and how varying the reinforcement size and volume fraction affects the microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties.

A second year NSIRC student, Malallah’s industry-led PhD investigates the influence of the reinforcement particles on the wear properties of hot isostatically pressed HIPed TMC materials.


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Alessandro Sergi. Photo: TWI Ltd
Alessandro Sergi. Photo: TWI Ltd
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Malallah composition.jpg
Malallah Al Lawati. Photo: TWI Ltd