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NSIRC Photographic Competition Inspiration

NSIRC Students: Join the NSIRC Photographic Competition


In order to celebrate the launch of theNSIRC Photographic Competition, NSIRC has collated a selection of inspiring images, all taken onsite at Granta Park near Cambridge, expressing the variety and beauty within the engineering world of NSIRC and TWI.

The images cover a range of subjects including seasonal landscapes of the science park, as well as intricate patterns created by additive manufacturing processes.

Engineering is a very broad and complex subject. Behind the world leading science and technologies involved, often is an artistic beauty and an appreciation of craft that can go unnoticed.

The NSIRC Photographic Competition is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity, complexity and beauty of the subjects involved and the processes taking place. It acknowledges that although artistic credentials are rarely the pursuit of a research organisation, it remains something worth recognising under an appropriate light.

The NSIRC Photographic Competition is open to entries from NSIRC students only. The deadline for entries is 1st June 2018. Winners will be announced at the NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference

Competition Rules - Download PDF