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NSIRC student Mike Walker to present at International Thermal Spray Conference in Florida

NSIRC student Mike Walker to present at International Thermal Spray Conference in Orlando, Florida

NSIRC PhD student, Mike Walker has been invited to present his paper, ‘Characterisation of Cold Spayed Ni Alloy 718 Coatings’ at the 2018 International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition, in Orlando, Florida.

Repair of Ni alloy components in industry has led to the development of additive manufacturing techniques, such as cold spray, to find a solution. Further understanding of the microstructure and bonding mechanisms at a fundamental level are required to progress this technology. Advanced characterisation techniques available at TWI Cambridge, such as high resolution electron microscopy and Electron Back-Scattered Diffraction, were used in combination with nano-focus X-ray diffraction at the state-of the art facilities at Diamond Light Source Oxford.

Mike obtained a first class master MPhys degree in physics in 2015 and is now pursuing a PhD in material science with the IMPaCT centre at the University of Leicester. He is researching cold spray additive manufacturing with nanostructured multicomponent equi-molar materials (MEMs) in collaboration with The Welding Institute (TWI) and NSIRC.

The aim of this research is to further understand the cold spray process by investigating the effect of process and material parameters on the coatings and the behaviour of cold sprayed MEMs. A significant area of research is the study of individual cold sprayed particles which have adhered to the surface. These provide information on the microstructural behaviour after impact, which can provide insight into the bonding mechanisms in cold spray.

This July will also see Mike presenting at the NSIRC 2018 Annual Conference, alongside over 50 his fellow NSIRC PhD students.

NSIRC degrees are unique for their high-level industry-led research. This is reflected in the range of subject areas on display at the annual conference, which includes advanced manufacturing / repair methods and optimised materials, development of sensors leading to prognostics, data-centric engineering – design to analytics, advancing the fundamentals of loading and stress, and more besides.

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Mike Walker - NSIRC PhD student with the University of Leicester