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NSIRC student uses Innovation Placement grant for work experience in Brazil

NSIRC student uses Innovation Placement grant for work experience in Brazil

Sarah Payne, TWIIN Marketing

NSIRC PhD student Adamantini Loukodimou was successful in winning an Innovation Placement training grant for £2,960 from The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) via the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) IMPaCT Advisory Board.

Adamantini has used the grant to travel to Brazil where she is gaining work experience at the University of São Paulo, recognised as the best university in the Ibero-America region.  Having started her three month placement on 3 May, Adamantini is carrying out research experiments in the Chemical Engineering Department under the instruction of Professor Idalina Vieira Aoki who is an expert in the corrosion field in Brazil.

Her work in at the university is on the synthesis and characterisation of self-healing systems for mitigating corrosion of Zn-coated steel.  Self-healing systems were developed by Idalina's group but they have not previously been incorporated into a conventional paint system on Zn-based thermal spray coatings.  The aim of the work is to show efficacy of a duplex coating system containing self-healing layer and a sacrificial layer.  Currently, Adamantini is exploring the use of electrochemical techniques, such as impedance spectroscopy, to characterise the time-dependent coating behaviour as well as looking at the microstructure of the coatings using high resolution microscopy.

“It is a pleasure working in Professor Idalina´s laboratory, where I have met open hearted people, as well as having the unique and beautiful experience of being in Brazil” said Adamantini, adding “I would like to thank the IMPaCT CDT Programme for their approval and funding of my placement, as well as my supervisors for their constant support and help.”

Adamantini is in the first year of her PhD, entitled ‘Development of Novel Coating Systems for Mitigating Corrosion of Offshore Wind Turbines’, which is co-directed by the University of Leicester and TWI Ltd. Her supervisors are Dr Shiladitya Paul (TWI and University of Leicester), Dr David Weston (University of Leicester) and Professor Alan Taylor (TWI).

Adamantini Loukodimou is an NSIRC PhD student with the University of Leicester, and is sponsored by the Lloyd's Register Foundation.


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Adamantini Loukodimou
Adamantini Loukodimou, NSIRC PhD Student