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NSIRC students to present at 7th IIW Welding Research and Collaboration Colloquium

NSIRC students to present at 7th IIW Welding Research and Collaboration Colloquium

  • Date:  19-20 September 2017

  • Venue: Granta Centre, TWI Ltd, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge CB21 6AL

Next week, on the 19th and 20th September, TWI will be the hosting 7th IIW Welding Research & Collaboration Colloquium.

- Download a copy of the conference agenda - 

Geoff Melton (TWI Technology Manager and student industry supervisor) reccomends for NSIRC students, the Wednesday  'IIW Session,' aimed at young engineers. He would encourage all students to attend this particiular session, starting at 11am.

The event brings together representatives from local and global industry and research to exchange ideas and establish cooperative networks for future communication and development.

 The industrial and scientific research needs will be introduced by keynote speakers who are acknowledged experts in the following strategic technological fields: Additive manufacture, smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), nuclear and renewable energy.

Speakers are invited from industry and academia to present and discuss their work with an emphasis on cooperation in welding research, new methodologies, techniques, best practice and new challenges for welding and joining research in the technological fields addressed in this colloquium. This presents an opportunity to exchange ideas and strengthen collaboration between industry, established research groups and young engineers.
Presentations by NSIRC Students will be given.

For more information, visit the event page at TWI-Global.

IIW website: www.iiwelding.org