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Research presentations earn PhD students awards at the NSIRC Annual Conference

Research presentations earn PhD students awards at the NSIRC Annual Conference


The NSIRC Annual Conference for 2017 was held over two days at TWI’s state-of-the-art engineering facility on Granta Park in Cambridge. Over 40 students took part in a two day programme of events, with four prizes to be won - two for oral presentations and two for poster presentations.

First year PhD students presented their research in poster presentations to industry experts and their peers.

Second and third year PhD students gave 20 minutes oral presentations summarising their research topic, reviewing their initial and current research, and discussing plans for future study and work.

The first prize for oral presentations went to Marion Bourebrab, for her presentation ‘Tailoring Silica Particles Size with Stöber Process’.

Somsubhro Chaudhuri’s presentation, titled ‘High-Resolution 3D Assessment and ACPD Crack Growth Monitoring of Weld Toe Fatigue Crack Initiation’, earned him the runner-up spot.

In the poster presentation category, Ali Same was awarded first prize with his poster on ‘Development of Advanced Crack Modelling Techniques for Structural Integrity Assessment’.

The runner-up award was given to Cui Er Seow for her poster ‘Structural Integrity of Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)’.

Attendees at the 2017 conference comprised of industry experts from world leading businesses such as BP, Boeing and Rolls Royce, representatives from the NSIRC’s academic partners which include some of the UK’s top universities, along with researchers, TWI staff and fellow students.

The conference also included keynote presentations from Dr Simon Edmonds, Innovate UK Director for Manufacturing and Materials, Professor John Loughhead, Chief Scientific Advisor for BEIS, and Stephen Harris, Science Editor for Conversation UK.

For High Resolution Images from the conference, please visit our flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nsirc/with/35413075511/

Download the NSIRC Annual Conference 2017 Programme (***Large File: 13MB***)